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collaboration with Akio Watanabe (Steelpan). Fusion of Rhodes, piano and steelpan.

n'sawa-saraca "another town" is introduced first (07:09〜) 

Ropeadope TV | 2020 Countdown EP3


Louis and Fabian run down the Ropeadope releases of 2020 / 69 singles and 75 albums / with soecial guest artists discussing their projects.

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Nine Takes | Global Composer Project | 3. N'Sawa Saraca

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2nd album "another town" 2/28 release!【PV】

From  Ropeadope Records.  U.S.


The second album from a really great group – the brainchild of keyboardist Yasushi Karasawa, who has a way of putting together his sounds that's very unique! There's a freshness here that reminds us of the excitement we first felt when falling in love with Japanese groups back in the 90s – not that Yasushi Karasawa is in the same territory as Nobukazu Takemura or Jazztronik, but his music has this way of refining itself down from its influences – really separating itself with its execution – still jazz, but maybe more sharply defined from the pack! One of the unusual elements in the album is the presence of Raphael Sebbag from UFO – who doesn't really sing, but provides a bit of voice from time to time – and the rhythms also separate the group from the usual jazz combo, as they're spacious and blocky – not trying for a groove at all, but somehow finding a gentle one in the space between the notes. Karsawa's keys are great – nice and warm, and balanced with raspy tenor from Osdamu Inoue – plus bass from Yoshimasa Otsuka and drums from Yosuke Hase – on titles that include "Vt Vt", "Cross Point", "Another Town", "Preachy", "Dual Butterfly", and "Nepenthes".  © 1996-2020, Dusty Groove, Inc.

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聴き終えた瞬間、本アルバムタイトル「another town」が示すように「別世界」が見えてくることだろう。

(ディスクユニオン吉祥寺ジャズ館 / 板橋)

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n'sawa-saraca by yasushi karasawa  

"forest dance"(2014),"

another town"(ropeadope 2020)