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  • 執筆者の写真nsawa-saraca

introduced by " tokyo jazz notes "

introduced by " tokyo jazz notes "

" tokyo jazz notes " introduce a unique jazz of Japan.

There are many amount of information of exciting jazz.

thank you mr.Sean!


tokyo jazz notes でn'sawa-saraca " forest dance "が紹介されました。



執筆者のSean氏は、以前、motion blue yokohamaで行われた、n'sawa-saracaのliveにも来ていただいたことがあります。



from tokyo jazz note.....

N’sawa Saraca is a project led by keyboard player Yasushi Karasawa (the band’s African sounding name a re-arrangement of the syllables in Karasaw-san). Essentially the same line-up as Transient City (plus Nello on percussion and Raphael Sebbag adding spoken word on one track), the main focus here is more on the sweet tones of the Fender Rhodes and piano than the tenor sax. The song titles evoke images of the tropics, though there’s also a slick urban feel to the music. Standout tracks include Dawn, Forest Dance, Jungle Rain and Next Morning. A nice mellow, atmospheric sound worth checking out.



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